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Holi is celebrated with passion, enthusiasm and zeal with much zeal in India. It is one of the most significant spring festivals also known as the “festival of colors”.This year holi will be celebrated on 2nd March,2018. The holika dahan or choti holi is stated on 1st March,2018.It starts on the evening of purnima falling in the Vikram Samvat Hindu Calendar month of phaguna. Holi,one of the most vibrant Hindu festivals, is associated with the arrival of the spring season and marks the end of the winter season. It’s one of the most precious festive day to meet your loved ones,play with colours,dance to the fantastic tunes of music. People enjoy a delicious feast and begin afresh.



Significance and history of Holi


There are many stories related to Holi, with the tale of Prahlad and Hiranyakahsyap.Related to the legend,there was a powerful king named Hiranyakahsyap who always considered himself to be God.He wanted people to worship him like God.He wanted his own supriMacy.He wanted his priority. Hence,to his annoyance, prahlad, his son worshipped lord vishnu and refused his father’s orders despite many unlimited threats given to him.Being angry to his son’s disobedience, Hiranyakahsyap indulged multiple punishments,none affected the little boy.Holika, the demon King’s evil sister tricked prahlad to sit with himon a pyre with her. Holika wore a cloak,making her immune to injury from fire,whereas prahlad had nothing to save himself. As the fire blazed,the cloak which holika was carrying flew away from holika and covered prahlad. This was how the son survived and his evil aunt was burned herself to ashes on the spot.This is also why this festival celebrates “VICTORY OVER EVIL”.It symbolizes the victory of good over evil.



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The festival of colours is celebrated with overjoy of happiness and love. People celebrate this festival with a lot of graceful moments of enjoyment.Basically, a day before holi i.e. choti holi or holika dahan,a holi bornfire is lit just before the day of holi. It is so,because before the day of holi it significes burning of evil desires and ego along with negativity. The next day of badi holi,loved ones bond over colours with love,dancing and singing of course on elaborate feast. You all can see streets coloured with hues of multiple colours like Red,black, green, yellow, white and people meeting and greeting. It is celebrated with togetherness of love,joy and happiness.



What do people feast on the festival of colours?


The festival of colours is celebrated with humongous happiness and joy.One of the most popular sweets like gujiya,kaju barfi,laddo,rasbhari,gulabjamun, thandai, gol gappe, dal kachori,paapri chaat,kachoris,dahi bhalle,chhole bhature,kanji vada,assortments of namkeens and so much things explore holi Festival.

Here’s a list of 10 best holi recipes to make at home:-
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Baked Gujiyas

Chocolate Gujiyas

Coconut Gujiyas


Paneer Malpua

Ragi Malpua


Dal khacori

Almond Malai kulfi

Hence,holi is one such day ,we love to celebrate with zeal.Wishing all of you a very happy, healthy and a safe,prosperous holi.Celebrate,enjoy and spread the beautiful mesmerizing colours of holi around the globe.

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