My Dreams

First of All, I would explain you the true meaning of dreams. Dreams are those for which we sacrifice our sweat and nights. They are not those which we see during nightmare. As we are born into the world, We grew up and dream high. We dream high to fly to the sky. We dream big  to achieve big to move ahead. We dream of doing big in life. ********   ” DREAM BIG ACHIEVE BIG”********-   We dream of huge aspirations. We are so indulge into the world of dreams. We Aspire for beautiful dreams. At the earliest age of our life, we take our mom’s groom and fly high on it. We do this thinking that one day all our dreams will fulfill and we will fly high. We must always have high dreams. My mom always told me about a story before sleeping at night. She told me the fairy tales. She told me moral stories. She told me motivational stories. She told me about successful people. She always taught me how to walk on the right path. My mom always played a role of model in my life.She taught me to dream big ,Achieve big.



High desires high Aspirations
Talking about my desires and my aspirations, I aim at being the best. I know I can’t be perfect but I can easily practice that. For sure, I have been an active student during my school premises. As now, I am a college student, What matters to me the most is participating and giving my best with 💯. I don’t care about who wins, although I have attained a lot of trophies and ample of certificates. The way I aim at things is just giving my best and learning new in everything. It’s like I have to be the best. I know 😛 I m still a kiddish girl. But, for sure I dream big to achieve big. As it is said by “Rabindranath Tagore” – ‘Low aim is a crime’.  ” DREAM BIG ACHIEVE BIG”-Furthermore, one should always be able to do something good, something extraordinary. I always wanted to make my parents proud and for sure, I am working for that. It’s right that when a brick gets removed from the house, hardly it gets affected. But similarly, when a pillar stands, it supports the house. I just want to make it clear to everyone that One must have the capacity to support their family. The only thing
I want to say is “BE EXTRAORDINARY”.
You do not get unlimited chances to achieve all your dreams. Nothing is worse than a missed opportunity.”I want to say that be a different from others. Try things in your field only. The world’s second richest person has rightly said -” If you will not build your dreams then someone else will hire you to build theirs “.

My  Dream

Many times I dreamt a dream, that I will have my own school.At that school, I will be it’s principal.The name of my school will be “The Dream’z School”.Talking about, it’s infrastructure I would make it the best.Along with this, I would focus on academic and co-curricular activities. I would provide a huge library for better education.I would ,for sure be a different from other’s. As,I would surely focus on every aspect of children along with education.A beautiful garden of flowers would be there in the entry of the premise’s before the reception.It will be filled with greenery. It would have a graceful reception .


Especially, A period called ‘D’zire will be allotted in everyday routine. In this period, children will be free to do whatever they aspire for.They can play, they can sleep, they can dance,fight,chat,sing.No one will disturb them.I basically believe to make kids relax.I want the kids to be stress free.The games period will be on every alternate day.Saturdays and Sunday’s will be holidays. No homework for my student’s. The best study will be provided to them in an effective manner. They would be guided properly in the best manner. They will be given knowledge and properly guided.


Most noteworthy, Once a week,the school canteen will serve the students food of their choice. It includes cream pastries,potato wafers, chips, chocolates, Italian, Mexican, Punjabi tadka,Chilli potato etc.It is mandatory to carry an extra uniform on that day.


All the walls of my school will be full of student’s imaginations.Colourful paintings, genius poem’s, matchless spellings, creative cartoons and what not.It would be filled up with creativity and innovation. Teachers will not stop them,after all “LEARNING IS FUN”.


As the new day dawns with a promise of new beginning, my school will start with a fearless, stressless education. Children will rush towards my school with love and laughter. I would make it a beautiful place to live in with free birds. i.e. my kids.This is one of my most precious dream to fulfill as soon as possible.


Furthermore, I have a lot of dreams to fulfill I would tell you all about my dream world.Along with this, I aim at also,Attaining them.






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