Life in 21st scenario of modern Era

Life in 21st scenario
What is life?

God created this wonderful world. He made the beautiful nature. He gave us an opportunity named “Life”. Life is a journey. Life is like water. It’s not a race or a competition. Life is like a flower 🌸. It blooms at good times. It also shows bitter behavior. Each individual is given one life to cherish. Everyone is blessed on this earth. I believe, the one getting born physically fit is truly blessed. I wonder how beautiful God created this beautiful world. He made everything perfect. So,life is like water. Furthermore, he gifted one a perfect world named “Life”. We are truly blessed and attain gratitude to have a precious gift named “LIFE”.

Everyone has got his/her aspect to look at life. Hence,life is like water.Remember, one must always look at life with optimism. Everyone has got problems in one way or another. It depends on us, how to tackle with them. The one who handles each and every problem of life easily, hence, achieves victory. There are many ways to improve yourself. God has done his work. He has given this opportunity to work yourself and prove the best. I believe, one must always have the courage to handle life. One must have the enthusiasm to live life with passion and zeal.
What is life?

Life is like water 
Furthermore, life is a box of adventures. It totally contains lots of funs. It involves lots of memories. It contains jewels like people. Parents are our priority. God could not be everywhere. But, he made Angels named “parents”. They granted us a path to walk. Life is like a river. A river contains rocks and a lot of hurdles. It contains so much obstacles. But, River cuts itself to move on. In the same manner, we have to burn ourselves to reach to our destined goals. Nothing is impossible in this world. Even the word “IMPOSSIBLE” says ‘I AM POSSIBLE‘. Most noteworthy, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST, CHERISH EACH AND EVERY MOMENT. LIFE MEANSLIVING IN FULL ESSENCE“.

Life contains the bliss of happy moments. It also contains hardships. It is an unbalanced boat but we have to balance it. We have to overcome all the problems of our life. Furthermore, God has given us the power to think carefully. God has given us the exaggeration to use our brains. We are blessed with all our sense organs. Most noteworthy, we must utilize each and every moment of our life. We must live each day as if it’s the last day of our life. We must cherish, enjoy and bloom with every day. We must live to our level best. We must live fantastically to the fullest. We must move on with the flowing time. We must generate the spirit of togetherness and love. We must involve the spirit of happiness. We must always remember to make our parents the happiest. We must never forget them till our last breath. Furthermore, they held us strong, took us up and brought us to right path. Life is very short. We must live out to the best. We must breathe in with chilli Air. We must survive with competition. We must learn to enhance ourselves. We must improve our Imagination and creative skills. Life is like “WATER”. It flows with optimism as well as pessimism. It depends on us to take things seriously or casually. Ultimately, We all have got only one life. So, we must live out to the best of our ability. Life is like a “ROSE”. It contains wonderful sprinkling 🌸 blossoms as well as thorny bushes too. Life is beautiful, on the other hand, it is tough too. Life is like a “CHOCOLATE 🍫”. If we taste it in a better manner, it is good too. Life is one of the most precious gift. God gave us life and I believe one must value it’s importance. One must make it the best out of overcoming hardships with strength. LIFE IS A MELODIOUS SONG, LIFE IS LIKE MEMORABLE DREAM.

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