My life getting transformed through ASPIRE WORLD IMAGINATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED

My life getting transformed through ASPIRE WORLD IMAGINATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED
“A person who falls and gets back is much stronger than the one who never fell”.Here I am Drishti Singh, a student pursuing BA honours in English from Delhi University, an international blogger, a motivational speaker cum a human trainer cum a corporate leader cum an Entrepreneur. Right now, I am only 20 in age. Yes, 20 that might have shocked you. Just at the age of 20,I am able to do lots more along with my education. So, this is just because of a little difference. I got to know about an opportunity which is running live in 200+ Countries. I was called by my Friend in Domino’s for listening about an Entrepreneurship concept. After listening, there was a “WOW” out of my mouth. Indeed, here I declare I got to speak a lot during my Introduction and this is just because I am working in “ASPIRE WORLD IMAGINATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED “.Hence,here started My life getting transformed through ASPIRE WORLD IMAGINATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED.

Drishti Singh - CEO and Founder​
Drishti Singh – CEO and Founder of IGNITE WITH DRISHTI

My life getting transformed through ASPIRE WORLD IMAGINATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED
Talking about my journey, it started before 8 months and I have transformed myself. Yes, Transformed, because a girl residing in Ghaziabad is leading a team of approximately 30-35 people. Therefore, I am working as a “TEAM LEADER ” in Aspire. Frankly speaking, my life was hell without ASPIRE. The day I have started working in Aspire, I got lovable seniors, supportive one, a company cum a family. Each day, I learned a new thing. We are taught lot many things like communication skills, personality development, grooming sessions and lot many things. ASPIRE WORLD IMAGINATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED aims at making young Entrepreneurs and is working on the initiative of “MAKE IN INDIA, DIGITAL INDIA AND SKILL INDIA “.
Indeed, I must say that a simple girl of Ghaziabad is supporting kids and getting guidance from huge personalities like “MR. MAYANK THAKUR SIR, the one who started ASPIRE and is our Godfather, MR. NITIN SAIN SIR, MR. DARPAN TIKIYA SIR,MR.RITIK GUPTA SIR,MS.NISHITA BENGANI MA’AM, MR. GAURANG SIR, MS. SONAL JAIN MA’AM.

WhateverI am today, I am just because of these people. They were always by my side even though I left hope but they are strength to me. ASPIRE is a revolutionary platform changing lives of lot many youngsters around the nation.

My life getting transformed through ASPIRE WORLD IMAGINATIONS PRIVATE LIMITED
Since last year, I had hardly my family, relatives and 1,2 people wishing me on my BIRTHDAY. But, this 28th January was one of the best day nd birthday indeed. I am on the way of Achievement in Materialistic things. But, I have achieved the stage. I, due to my dedication was granted an opportunity to conduct my own little conference training. Thank you is just a little word to all seniors, indeed I would work better for making beautiful day’s for my parents.
Along with this, I am the This is my commercial website running live in 200+ Countries. To know more, you can visit my brand i.e. my website, On this website, I have written about my life’s story. Along with this, I am a poetry writer and love to motivate people nd am an aspiring Individual. So, I have written poems, motivational blogs, Inspirational blogs on my website. I would soon be earning money through my website through Adsense.
Furthermore, this is not only what Aspire provides you. It has given me my own name at the age of just 20, fame,Respect,Money and power. At last, A message for the young youth. “If you are searching for that one person who will change your life, Take a look in the mirror “.


Yes, undoubtedly she’s none other than my Upline –Miss. Sonal Jain ma’am. She is as sweet as sugar. She is my inspiration. I do feel a sisterly, motherly affection towards her. She had always been there for me ND would be there for me forever. She is calm, polite and humble towards everyone. She is totally supportive. She is strong in her actions. She keeps faith in “GOD IS ALWAYS WATCHING ND IF YOU DO GOOD, HE WOULD REVERT YOU BACK”. She comes far away from Delhi to ghaziabad to support me. **Thank you ** is a small word, it would be injustice to her, rather I m blessed, fortune to have a mentor like her. Above all, I have totally transformed myself in my nature. She’s the one who always says ND follow it too -“You must always have gratitude rather than Attitude “.At last but not the least, coming under her Team is a luck of mine. To me, She’s as precious as a jewel. Yes, I repeat to me, she’s as precious as a jewel coz she’s pure at heart. Along with this, she has attained her own self earned Scotty i.e. Suzuki Yamaha costing Rs. 62,000. For me, what matters is basically, having your own self earned things. This is done by both hard work and smart work too. We have learned this in Aspire to work hard and party harder. Along with this, I must always follow 5D formula to reach to the destination of Success in life. 5D formula is devotion, dedication, discipline, duty and determination.
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Wishing her success and truck loads of love and togetherness forever. At last but not the least, You may contact me for more information on my Contact Us page.
Thank you

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