My siblings are the best around the globe

My Siblings
First of all,I would tell you all the meaning of Siblings. What does Siblings mean in true sense.Hence, Siblings are our own brother’s and sister’s. They are the ones who love us.They are close to heart connected with us.They are the ones who make our world beautiful. They make our world a beautiful place to live in.They make our life precious. They guide us always on the right path.They instruct us to move on the right direction. They inculcate us with positive vibes.They bring in us enthusiasm and spark.They boost us up with energy to create ourselves as the best.They make us feel Awesome.My siblings are the best around the globe.

Furthermore, they are the ones who hold your hand
in any path. They hold your hand in any situation. They keep a watch over you. They help you out in every situation. They are the best part of your life.Life without siblings is just like an empty home. They live with you,spent time with you,enjoy with you.They are the ones who stand with you in every situation. They walk with you at every step of your life. They not only remain happy with you but also scolds you. They are the jiggling true happy people of your life. They are glad to see you grow. On the other hand, they are sad to see you at your worst. Talking about today’s scenario,it is hard to have a true brother and sister too. Hence, this world is a virtual place where we are living. The real ones hardly exists. We can also say this,that the real ones do not exists. Furthermore,At the most there also exists a relation between the ones who are not connected with you due to blood.

As I am talking to you all regarding siblings, I too must share that I have got 2 siblings. Yes,with pride,I can say that one is my little sister and another is an elder brother.We are not blood connected but share a strong bond. I got such lovable siblings in my college.I feel blessed, fortunate and indeed luckily great to have them.I would do justice to both of them. Appreciating about both of them,I would say that they are the best.Yes,undoubtedly, they are the best.They made my life worthliving.They helped me out in all circumstances of my life. They are and had been always there for me.They took me from scratch to sky.They made me a good human being. They brought all the good qualities in me.I am not saying that I was a bad person but I was a bit rude in my attitude. I was shrill in my voice. I was harsh to talk with anyone. I was not a calm and kind person. But,with the passage of time,I in their company learnt a lot many things.I must say with my heart’s content that they are the best part of my life.This is not just because they had always supported me but they had always guided me at doing anything wrong. We smile like hell,we laugh like we have got all the happiness of this world,we fights apart can’t even dream of living without each other. We care for each other,we protect each other and help each other always. We are like an umbrella protecting each other from anything wrong. Your happiness also depends on the environment you live in.Your happy being tells everyone that you are happy due to a reason.My happiness is due to this reason only.I am thankful to both of them. I know you are smiling reading each and every line. That too is a bliss for me.Since long,I thought of writing this. Being unable to write this due to reason’s ,you know that your sister is a busy personality. Haha,again you both cracked a smile.Even if,I don’t see you smiling. But,the most lovable thing is your smile.We share almost everything other than a single house.The main thing which matters is your bond.The bond you feel has a strength. The bond you feel has got an appreciating impact.

O!I wonder you all must be curious and eager to know their names. It’s an honourable moment to share the name of my talented siblings. My elder brother’s name is Mr.Mukul Bhatt.Talking about him,People hardly exists like him in this hell like world. He is a talented persona,the one who is always thinking about other’s. He is my strength and a forever helping hand to me.It’s been approximately an year that we know each other.But,time hardly matters, what matters is your bond with each other.He is indeed a self-made and Independent man.He is along with his education guiding children as a tutor to build up their career.Along with pursuing BCA, he is a motivational speaker,a human trainer,a corporate leader and an Entrepreneur. We are both working on the initiative of Make in India and Digital India.We even feel proud to work together and reaching to heights. We have never shared a classroom together. But,we feel blessed to participate in events.Even,what makes you more proud is coming out like sparkling colors. Wherever,we go,we come out as “Winners”. Attained a lot of trophies together, we feel blessed to rule in our college. Indeed,we are honourable to be an inspiration to other’s in our college.

Moving on to my little sister,she is jingling,sparkling and lovely.She had always been there at my worst.She had been a support system. She is my companion of crimehood during the class bunks.She is fearless. She lives on her own terms and conditions.She is emotional at heart.She shares each and every part of her life with us.She is like an Angel sent to me from Heaven.She is full of purity and chastity.She is calm and kind to everyone. She is a bit unique than other’s. She is good to ones who are good to her and those who are bad than she is worst to others.Indeed today is a special day as we three complete one year of our friendship. She had been there at my worst time.I don’t have words for both of them.They are the bestest part of my life.Wishing you both truck loads of love and may you reach the sky.Life without you is like hell.May we last forever happily together. We prove to be best friends not just in words but yes,in reality.

Love you my siblings….. not by blood but by heart.

3 Replies to “My siblings are the best around the globe”

  1. Such a beautiful, wonderous and heart touching emotional post it was. ❣️
    I guarantee you, no word or compliment on earth is capable to define how enigmatic and awe-inspiring and striking it is ❣️
    Blessed to have you in my life ❤️
    May God furnishes every damn happiness and gud blessings in your life. ❣️

    1. Thnqq so much for always being there and for your beautiful blessings. No one else can replace your place, no one I repeat….. Thnqq is too a little word for you both coz u deserve more than that… Blessings ahead luv u both… Once again thnqq so much for always being there and for ur greetings and blessings always

  2. Ahumm ahumm many many happy returns of the day to three of you
    God bless you ❤ stay_in_the_bond_of_friendship_and_love💖
    Keep flourishing and caring for each other 💙 REALLY BEAUTIFUL LINES ……….. 💙

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