The first exciting day of my school life.


The first day of my school was full of excitement.I was never like other kids who use to cry.I was a jolly mood of girl.I never had the hesitation to talk to others.I was always guided by my mother to respect others.She always taught me even though,I was tender at age.She guided me to the best she could.She plays a very important role in my life.Since,I was born,I was taken care to the best she could.As,My dad was a well established Contractor.He use to work out of station and stay far away from us.I was never aware about him much.As,I was a little kid.But,for sure,My mom guided me that see at the age of 2,3 all kids take Education and go to school.I , furthermore, decided to go to school that too with a huge smile on my face.My father earned quite well and admitted me to “A GIRL’S CONVENT”.My mother always taught me good things.She, hence told me to go to school and learn new things daily.Innocent girl’s childhood memories are memorable like her.

This was just because I was always taught by my mom to face the world. The first day was full of excitement, full of enjoyment. I was truly blessed to be in “GHAZIABAD ‘S BEST CONVENT SCHOOL FOR GIRLS” -‘ HOLY CHILD SCHOOL. I was wondering on the first day of my school that Boys don’t study, so they are not going to School. 😂funny me, because Ramu of my neighborhood never studied. He, thus, created mess in our colony shouting and yelling. I thought, girls are too enthusiastic and that’s the truth. So, that’s why there were no boys. But, it was a girl’s school.Innocent girl’s childhood memories are memorable like her.

The innocent girl learned new things.


On the first day of school, For sure every child is innocent. I, too, had been taught new things. As it was a convent school. I was first of all guided about “MORAL VALUES”. This was something which I loved. I belonged to a respectful family, so I too admired the way I was taught things. It was just the start towards a new life. The first day, I met my “class teacher – Mrs. Suman Bhardwaj ma’am”. Till today, I remember she wore a “beautiful red sari”. Her smile shined in my eyes. She was truly awesome in her looks. She, being beautiful was kind and loving towards children. She, at the first day taught us “a, b, c, d” and “1,2,3,4”. With her rhyming English poems like ” twinkle ✨ twinkle little 🌟 star’s”, we enjoyed dancing. I had 1 and only friend in my school who was my partner. We shared food 🍲, talks and even learning thing’s in the best way we could. Me and Monika enjoyed everything together. We never bothered about we were only 2.This indeed was a quitesome thing, we had to be regular for each other. Not just because, our attendance would go less but if 1 is not there another will be alone. FURTHERMORE, We learned things together in the best way possible. Our class “NURSERY A had a strength of 60 girls “. It was the “BEST CLASS OF Kindergarten”.
As the first day was full of discipline and moral values. At the last of the day, during last period of our Maths teacher. I, at the end when never understood to draw a straight line of 1.I JUST SUNG A SONG-“KATA LGA”, AS IT WAS TOO MUCH POPULAR THOSE DAYS. I had been passionate in singing, I never bothered about the place. Even though, It was my class and even “Mrs. Shruti Ma’am was there. But, she was too much sweet in hearts and teachings too. I was also told to stop this singing by” MONIKA “
As she was the only friend I had in my class. Most noteworthy, We use to giggle a lot. Furthermore, We use to enjoy the classes with lots of fun. The first day of school was most rememberable. We had lots of good memories. We had a great time together. I still remember it was one of my life’s most precious moments. I pray that might be, those days of joy essence moments may come back. But, it can’t happen. But, YES, IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY SCHOOL LIFE. A TIME WHERE I HAD STARTED MY NEW JOURNEY OF LEARNING…..

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